The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

The Importance of Vehicle Maintenance

Keeping your vehicle maintained properly is extremely important. Here are a few basics that you can do to keep your vehicle in good shape.

Have the oil changed on a regular basis. The tires must be inflated properly to prevent blow-outs and accidents. Do not neglect the battery as you must avoid getting stranded. Additionally have the transmission fluid inspected (replacing a transmission is very expensive). Have the power steering fluid examined because fluid levels below standards can cause an accident.

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Regular Vehicle Maintenance is essential.

The frequency of services is crucial. For example have the oil changed about every 3,000 miles. For tires it is recommended to have their pressure checked monthly since they must be equally inflated for safe driving. When you have had your vehicle battery for three to four years you should begin having it inspected also. Regarding transmission fluid, having it changed can depend on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Some vehicles may require it being changed every 15,000 while another may require it at 25,000. The reservoir for the power steering fluid should be checked out monthly to rule out any leaks and ensure proper levels.

The basics are usually covered in any type of vehicle service (depending on where you take it). During an oil change, the old oil will be replaced with new oil, the chassis will receive lubrication and the oil filter will be replaced. Sometimes the windshield wiper and antifreeze fluid will also be inspected during an oil change. When tire pressure is checked, the pressure will be adjusted if needed. A battery inspection usually includes cleansing of the ends of the cable terminal and tray. When changing the transmission fluid, the filter will also be replaced. With power steering fluid, eventually you will have the seal become hard and debris will disintegrate the sealing surface, so replacing this prevents a great many problems.

It is a good idea to keep a notebook and record the date of the specific services you have done, as well as the mileage it was done at. If you purchase a vehicle that is used, always replace the battery as you don’t know how old it is and you do not want to find that your battery worked great during the first week then you notice problems afterwards. Also keep a good pair of jumper cables in your car, even if the battery is brand new.

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